Compensation Claim: How a Lawyer Can Help You

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Compensation Claim: How a Lawyer Can Help You

My name is Fran. When I was involved in a road traffic accident, my world was all shook up. Not only did I have to spend some time in the hospital, meaning that I couldn't go to work, I also had to deal with the insurance company. All of this would have been overwhelming if it wasn't for the fact I had some legal help. I had never had to instruct a lawyer to act on my behalf, but it turned out to be the best thing I ever did. My lawyer was able to file a claim for compensation which covered the cost of my medical care and the earnings I had lost due to my injury. Now I am back to full health, so I decided to start this blog to help people who need a lawyer.


What Is Conveyancing?

If you want to buy or sell a piece of property, whether a house or piece of land, important documents and money have to exchange hands — usually the hands of a seller and buyer. If this is your first time buying or selling a property, you might need to learn the ropes and get some help facilitating the purchase or sale. Conveyancing is the process of transferring the ownership of a property from a seller to a buyer. Read More