Compensation Claim: How a Lawyer Can Help You

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Compensation Claim: How a Lawyer Can Help You

My name is Fran. When I was involved in a road traffic accident, my world was all shook up. Not only did I have to spend some time in the hospital, meaning that I couldn't go to work, I also had to deal with the insurance company. All of this would have been overwhelming if it wasn't for the fact I had some legal help. I had never had to instruct a lawyer to act on my behalf, but it turned out to be the best thing I ever did. My lawyer was able to file a claim for compensation which covered the cost of my medical care and the earnings I had lost due to my injury. Now I am back to full health, so I decided to start this blog to help people who need a lawyer.


Why Is Full Disclosure Crucial Whenever a Marriage Dissolves?

When a marriage is unfortunate enough to end in acrimony, both parties will likely enter new territory and be very unsure about their paths ahead. After all, it's unlikely either one of them has been through such a bad experience before. When this happens, people can often take actions now that they may come to regret later, especially when it comes to looking after their interests and trying to secure their future. Read More 

Understanding probation and common violations

After a criminal conviction, the court may slap the convict with probation. Even though this is a viable alternative to avoid ending up behind bars for the entire duration of the prison sentence, probation may be saddled with complexities. If the probation is violated, the defendant may face fresh criminal charges. A criminal defence lawyer comes in handy to explain to the defendant terms of the probation and what not to do in order to avoid probation violation. Read More